Spirit of Potato: Online Application

Online Application
Please answer every question. Your Application will then be submitted for review by the leadership of the guild
Important Information for Applicants
Would you like to be a Spud? We don't have a written application, sorry.

We are accepting new members, preferably lvl 50+

Our raid times are Mon/Wed/Thurs 9pm est to midnight. While we don't require raiding, we are a raiding guild. If you don't want to raid or this time isn't good for you, please apply elsewhere.

We are focused on Omens of War content and are not flagging for the elemental planes and Time right now. We will help you get flagged for GoD zones.

We use a dkp system, points earned for raid attendance. No dkp decay, no loot council, you may spend your points as you see fit.

You must be in good standing on the server. If you were in another guild, we will want to know why you left and we *will* check out your story.

There will be a one-month probation period while we get to know each other. At the end of that time, either of us can choose to part company with no hard feelings.

Some behaviours are grounds for immediate removal, including but not limited to harassing other members, cheating, stealing, and stalking. Guild chat in-game and discord is PG-13.

Our main rule: don't be a dick. We play to have fun. Why else would we call ourselves Spirit of Potato?

If all this sounds good to you, don't fill out the boxes below. Contact Uukeral/Mogi in-game or on discord (Uukeral.) We'll chat.

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